FRESH VIEW of the city

FRESH VIEW of the city

City pictures, city models, building a city with children and young people from different origin
Children and youth – the majority of whom have migratory backgrounds – have been out and about as city researches, reporters, city builders and entrepreneurs in three areas of the “Socially Integrative City” since the beginning of 2008. They have intensively looked into and uncovered their neighbourhoods: In Stuttgart-Giebel they built an interactive neighbourhood model which serves as a medium for further urban development, given new perspective to until now hardly used and noticed green areas with a sculpture project and founded a girls-enterprise, which accepts orders from the neighbourhood. In Stuttgart-Hallschlag they produced a neighbourhood film, showing the diverse aspects of this neighbourhood. A large cooperative culture day in Hallschlag, allowed it to appear publically as a place of exciting cultural activities. In Waiblingen-Sud, youth have brought history to life through research and interviews with contemporary witnesses of the past and an exhibition: where it became clear that even ‘long-established’ residents once came here as refugees and strangers.

Funded by:

The Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development within the framework of the national urban development policy

Project Partners:

State Capital Stuttgart
City of Waiblingen
House of Children and Young People Giebel


» Final report (pdf)
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