New Qualities: 50 Plus Living

New Qualities: 50 Plus Living

Facts – requirements - examples
What do people who are getting older, but are not yet old, expect from their housing? What persuades them to move house? For people of the 50 plus generation, senior-specific living is mostly not an attractive option. Sought after housing and neighbourhoods are those which meet each individual’s requirements and capabilities and which will still be suitable in later years. This investigation into specific homes makes it clear how those of the 50 plus generation live, think and make housing decisions – in text, photos, plans and inhabitant portraits:

Attractive rental living in town – conversion as a chance.
By all means secure – long-term cheap living on housing estates.
High-end condominiums – new housing in the city centre.
Housing cooperatives – individual and mutual planning and building.

Data and facts with numerous charts on population development, relocation behaviour, mobility, social structure, choice of apartment, as well as an analysis of milieu, styles of home furnishing and key questions of living provide the basis for the discussion about the quality of living in the second stage of life.

A book for interested individuals from the housing industry, architecture, urban planning, municipality, administration, politics and science, but also for all those who want to look into the quality requirements of getting old.

Funded by:

Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development


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Weeber+Partner (Hrsg.) (2010): New Qualities – 50 Plus Living. Facts – Requirements – Examples. Ernst Wasmuth Verlag Tübingen/Berlin.
ISBN 978 3 8030 0715 5