Municipal Housing Policy of Ludwigsburg

Municipal Housing Policy of Ludwigsburg

Target-Oriented Development of Offers
The city of Ludwigsburg commissioned several expert reports on housing development in 2005. We developed sophisticated conclusions on living demands and living behaviours for the housing market of relevant target groups and pointed out development perspectives for the housing market of Ludwigsburg. Housing offers, the housing market, and the socio-demographical structure of sites in Ludwigsburg have therefore been analysed on a small scale. A representative survey shows the qualities and problems of the different sites from the habitants point of view as well as tendencies of demand. The requirements of different types of households and the priorities due to financial situation were also analysed. As a result we gave recommendations on what should be the focus of housing policy in the future and the development possibilities for the different sites.

Commissioned by:

City of Ludwigsburg and Wohnungsbau Ludwigsburg GmbH