City of Ravensburg Family Report 2012

City of Ravensburg Family Report 2012

Family friendly Ravensburg – thinking afresh
In 2002 we compiled Ravensburg’s first ever Family Report, which provided solid foundations for future development. As a result, offers of service and networking and participation structures were elaborated on. The new Family Report 2012, now being compiled together with Ravensburg families, will provide an evaluation of the quality of urban life, offers and services from the point of view of families. Needs and priorities, both for now and the future, will be discussed and guidelines for future steps worked out. It is hoped that in the end, the new Family Report will be adopted by the municipal council and citizens of Ravensburg as a guideline to their further undertakings over the next ten years.

The process is initiated by an inventory review of the current situation. Public statistical data is used to analyse the development of family structures and local services for families in the last ten years. Additionally, the current situation in Ravensburg is compared with other cities of similar structure. Following that a representative survey of all Ravensburg families sheds light on their living situations, their satisfaction and priorities in terms of the family friendliness of the city and the amenities and services provided, i.e. the kindergartens, sport and cultural activities, public transport etc. The families themselves are intensively involved, for example by means of independent but networked focus-groups. These groups go into various topics and living situations in detail – corresponding to the growing heterogeneity of families’ living situations, i.e. those with young or older children, those with young or older parents, those with well and poorly educated parents, migrant families and those with disabled children. At an information day the groups and our Institute will offer their views and recommendations for public discussion. Finally this will all be compiled into the new Family Report explaining what family friendly Ravensburg means, both now and in the future.

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»Familiy Report 2002 (german, pdf)