Short Distances

Short Distances

Three Films About the Relation of Every Day Life and Built Environment

Living and working right in the center of a town or city instead of out in the country or in suburbia in single family homes or in office buildings - there are good reasons for it. They are due to everyday life experiences and social developments. A key factor being short distances and walkable neighbourhoods.

The three documentary films "Kurze Wege" (literally: short ways) lively and descriptively show how living differs according to the chosen form of housing. The organisation of everyday life as well as social participation are examined from different point of views, but without any finger-wagging. The films are not about weighting one over the other, but about choices between different options. Often, consequences are neglected when making the decision for a living or working site.

We developed the concept of the three films and organized the project, as well as put together a booklet for the DVD and a Power-Point-presentation with background information.

Commissioned by:

Landesnaturschutzverband Baden-Württemberg e.V., grant-aided and accompanied by Umweltministerium Baden-Württemberg and "Aktionsbündnis Flächen gewinnen in Baden-Württemberg"

Author and Filmmaker:

Markus Plawszewski in cooperation with the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg


»Flyer (german, pdf)

Delivery of the DVD:

at Landesnaturschutzverband Baden-Württemberg or in the bookselling