Staffel'25 Urban Development Concept City of Fellbach

How can and should the city of Fellbach further develop, now and in the future?
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Energy Efficient Public and Social Infrastructure Buildings – Federal Model Programme

16 new public and social infrastructure building projects with high energy efficiency are chosen to be scientifically accompanied and evaluated. The aim is to explore and disseminate energy know-how and promote energy saving solutions.
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CoNet's Guide to Social Cohesion

How to better realise current integrated approaches, to strengthen social cohesion in disadvantaged neighbourhoods? CoNet provides hands-on procedures and examples to more of an impact.
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New release: Family Living in the City. Examples of children and family friendly living in Berlin’s city centre.

On behalf of the Senate Department for Urban Development Berlin – Urban Planning.
Families with children can live happily in a big city – when the basic conditions are right. This richly illustrated brochure with its many examples shows how attractive and affordable inner-city living for families can be achieved.

Opportunities and chances of health-orientated urban development

Speech at the “Gesundheitsförderung in der sozialen Stadt” congress, InForm, Berlin 20/01/2010

Growing up healthy in Baden-Württemberg

Newly released handbook about municipal health requirements. Weeber+Partner evaluated the pilot phase of the handbook and contributed to two of the handbook’s chapters.

Informal learning opportunities in neighbourhoods

Article ‘Bildung, Arbeit und Sozialraumorientierung’ in the current issue Information on Spatial Development (IzR).
Something which is often not considered: education also has to do with urban development. But it is not only about the number and quality of the educational institutions – a major role is also played by the informal learning opportunities available in neighbourhoods.

Europacity – a new quarter in central Berlin

Living, work, culture, leisure, social coexistence – in the coming years a new quarter offering many possibilities will come into being near the Berlin Central Station. We are supporting the development through a Future Living workshop and infrastructure planning expertise.

Federal pilot project ‘Senior Housing Conversion’ – KfW programme research

Parallel to the KfW Bankengruppe’s ‘Housing Modernisation (Senior Housing Conversion)’ promotional programme, nationwide pilot projects are looking into which possibilities for better adapting housing to the needs of the aged are especially effective. We have been appointed by the BMVBS/BBSR to undertake research assistance, together with Analyse & Konzepte. We will be accompanying the project for three years and systematically evaluating the experiences.