The institute Weeber+Partner


We are a nongovernmental group of professionals doing planning, consulting and research in the fields of urbanism, sociology, housing and infrastructure. We mostly work for public and non-profit clients – e.g. federal and state ministries, regions, communes, foundations, housing companies and social service providers. In 1969 we founded our first office in Stuttgart, in 1988 we opened our Berlin branch office. Our institute comprises a limited (GmbH) company. Managers are Dr. Martina Buhtz, Gabriele Steffen, Dr. Heike Gerth, Prof. Dr. Rotraut Weeber, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Simone Bosch-Lewandowski, M.A. Philip Klein, Dr.-Ing. Lisa Küchel und Dr.-Ing. Hannes Weeber.

»Our team

Combination of Practice and Research

We set value to work in close interplay of practice and theory. We regularly introduce issues arising from practice into research projects and we often prepare, accompany or follow up pilot schemes.

Interdisciplinary Work

Tasks that can best be tackled in interdisciplinary cooperation have risen typical for our institute. We found fruitful to bring different fields of knowledge, approaches and attitudes together in order to achieve robust results even under complex circumstances.

Participatory Approaches

We use to cooperate on site with all involved parties and always pay attention not to produce so called "armchair decisions". We have tested and gained experiences with a variety of participatory processes and also have developed some of our own.

Experienced Use of Empirical Methods

Carefully ascertained and processed information is essential for unerring outcomes. At our institute, the continual drafting of use-orientated and practically relevant studies also results in a wide range of know-how in empirical methods and instruments. We consider important that all market and opinion research, evaluation and result-testing makes impact on improving practice.