City Renewal – How Are Others Doing It?

City Renewal – How Are Others Doing It?

The Experiences of Other Cities and Countries

The report gives an overview of the state of city renewal in Germany and other European countries and evaluates the different experiences. The result is a work book that shows, with plenty of examples, different approaches and components of city renewal: important topics - for example public space, the enforcement of living and retail in the city, integrated strategic concepts, the city as a whole and its districts, new cooperation, new forms of organization, monitoring, public relations and marketing.

Case studies from Frankfurt Main, Hanover and Leipzig show the different approaches and city-specific instruments of city renewal. Recommendations point out possible "directions" and "mile stones" for Stuttgart. Background: In 1979, urban renewal high priority areas were identified in Stuttgart that needed to be renewed in terms of building and social structure, economic and environmental aspects. The "SVG" instrument is to be evaluated and further developed in the future.

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